Monthly goals #1 - december


Hi everyone! Santa is coming to town along with the new year. Pretty exciting stuff if you are into that kind of thing.

I want to start this month by joining a link-up created by Melyssa of The Nectar Collective. It's a community of goal-setter bloggers.

You can start setting goals for improvement at any time, but we often make resolutions for the whole year and forget to follow up with them. Doing this monthly will help me be in track for my resolutions.

December's goals

1. Cook 50 Hallacas:  If you don't know already, I was born in Venezuela and Christmas is a big deal (food wise). We eat this tamale like recipe only made for this season. I normally ate one for lunch and dinner for the whole month of December, I LOVE it. But here in Vancouver it's expensive to buy and make, not only that it is also a complicated dish which needs two days of preparation. I decided I NEED to do them this year, so wish me luck!

2. Contribute for twice a month: I'm already on the site as a collaborator for their blog. I will be posting there two times a month.

3. Generate content for this blog at least once a week: I enjoy writing and looking up for ideas, now that I'm a little bit established as a freelance professional and have very awesome clients I would love to grow on my personal branding. If I'm doing it for them I should also do it for me.

I believe 3 are enough for now, do you have any goals before the year-end?

The Nectar Collective