5 Timely Techniques to Stay Productive

5 timely techniques to stay productive

I admit it, I'm an avid procrastinator and one of the worst feelings is when I know I have to get something done and my brain just ignores it as if it didn't exist, putting thing off just to half-ass it at the deadline.

Last week I was talking with my hub while studying for my dreaded final, when my alarm went off. He asked, "why do you need an alarm at this hour, to wake up in case you fell asleep?" and I explained
I was using the Pomodoro Technique so I didn't burn myself out. He didn't have a clue what I was talking about so that gave me the idea for this post.  

I compiled 5 techniques and methods so your working day becomes 500% more productive:

Pomodoro technique

With this time management system, you work in 25 minutes intervals with a 5 minutes break in between. After 4 sessions, you take a longer break (25 or 30 minutes). It works because you get to have a time to breath, enjoy a little bit of free time and you don't over work. You can use your regular phone's alarm or go here for a web timer. 

45 + 15

It's another way to separate working hours with break times, the only difference is that you work in sets of 45min and have a break of 15min until you finish. This means you have one break every hour, but you get to have 5 more minutes than the Pomodoro Technique. This one is my favorite, sometimes I'm on a roll and having a lot of breaks could kill my inspiration.


Take a look at your day and dump all the things you need to do on a list. Pick three important tasks and start working on them. When you finish, check your list again and cross whatever you've accomplished, this will feel soooo good!


If it takes you less than 2 minutes do it right away. This comes from David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done (which I will talk about soon). For example, Did you finish your meal? Put it in the dishwasher. It takes less than 2 minutes.

This rule will also help you get started for work, even if the task takes longer than 2 minutes. Do you want to write a post? Just write the first sentence, it will take less than 2 minutes, but you'll find yourself writing for a while.

Quadrant method

Prioritize your tasks with this method, where the two columns are "Urgent" and "Not Urgent" and the two rows  are "Important" and "Not Important". If you don't have any emergencies or deadlines, 90% of your time should happen in the second quadrant. The last place you want to end up wasting your time is on the last quadrant. Make sure your tasks are important.



You can use all of this info and put it to practice right now!

Step 1: Dump all the things you need to do on a list. Do you see anything that could be done in less than 2 minutes? If so do it now.

Step 2: Choose 3 tasks to get done today, that are either on the first or second quadrant. 

Step 3: Choose your timing method, do you prefer to have a lot of small breaks or one big break per hr?

Step 4: Did you finish? Now cross everything that's done.

Congrats! you've accomplished a lot today!
Now you are allowed to binge-watch Breaking Bad.

Have you done any of these techniques? Which one is your favorite? do you have your own method?
Leave a comment below.