Monthly Goals #3 - February



Setup newsletter: I'm so happy that I successfully shipped my newsletter opt-in "7 days to boost your productivity and get stuff done". You can sign up down below, you will receive a daily action plan with awesome documents to download.

Finish setting up my home office: Check it out :) I love it.

Be more active on Twitter: I wasn't as active on twitter as I wanted to be, I shared more than last month, that's for sure and my engagement went up 3 points, I need to create concrete achievable goals that make me push it a little more.

From this year's resolutions I can cross out:

  • Launch my Newsletter
  • Setup my home office
  • Blog a minimum of 4 times a month: I actually blogged 11 times
  • Watch a movie I haven't seen each week: I saw 9 movies this month, 43 to go.
  • February's goals

    Make time for family: My mother is arriving tonight, I haven't seen her since August 2013. I want her to be my priority, I will probably law a little low this month.

    Start doing morning pages: I joined a challenge to write 750 words every morning. It's a free writing exercise to meditate.

    The act of typing serves as a hand rail on our thoughts, and occupies a certain part of the brain that generally gets restless and looks for something to do, because it’s already doing something: typing.

    Get one more client: I'm happy working with my lovely clients, and I think I have room for more love :)

    What did you accomplish in your first month of 2015? are you happy with your results? Let me know in the comments below.


    P.S. This is is on the Weekly Wished linkup