Monthly Goals #2 - January

January Monthly Goals

Did I tell you that this blog was going to be very goal oriented? Well, now you know. I will be posting this series monthly. I want to connect them to my new years resolutions, so it's easier to track what I've done and what I need to do.


Cook 50 Hallacas: I thought 50 was an alarming amount of them so I made 30, when I ate them all I regretted that I didn't make more. 


Contribute for twice a month: I only contributed once with a guest post about Grouse Mountain, having work + school finals was kind of overwhelming. I learned that I need to organize better to accomplish everything I want to do.

Generate content for this blog at least once a week: I'm so satisfied I did conquer this one. 1 post a month it's totally doable and I even posted more than once a week. My favorite post was about marketing and social media trends.


Setup newsletter: This is my top priority. Even though e-mail it's a very saturated channel, it's still one of the most important and effective ways to communicate. This month I need to create an opt-in offer.

Finish setting up my home office: I'm cheating a little bit on this one because it's almost finished. I told you this was going to be my first resolution to finish.

Be more active on Twitter: The majority of the visits to this site/blog come from Pinterest, the second best referrer it's Twitter. I need to post more often, not be afraid to be "aggressive" I just don't want to seem spammy, but tweeting my post once or twice does nothing for my traffic.