Monthly Goals #4 - September

Maria Aldrey - Monthly goals - September 2015

I've pretty much neglected this part of my blog for a while. Let's bring it back!!

This past few months I've been taking the word "Growth" by its horns and I feel like the very next step I take is going to be an important one. I've decided I'm not going to take any more clients for the year unless I have more people on board, which is one of the things I'm planning to do. I want to have more time to plan for my new workshop coming soon, read more below for more info.

February's Goals

Make time for family: Check!! My mom visited that month. She will be visiting again next year, yay!

Start doing morning pages: I only wrote for 7 days, I couldn't keep up :( what did I learn? Have realistic goals, too much and you'll burn out pretty quickly.

Get one more client: Not only I got one client that month, but now I'm fully booked.

From this year's resolutions I can cross out:

Get 10 new/recurrent clients

Work on ideas for an e-course


Get our permanent residency

September's goals

Push the LIVE button for the pre-sale page of my new workshop: It is all about mindful growth for your biz. It is going to be jam-packed with exercises to scale your service based business. I've been working this for a while now and I feel I need to ship this already. It is more important to launch than to be perfect, you can always improve it and make changes.

Plan for a free webinar: *Takes 1000 deep breaths* I HAVE to do this. Speaking is nerve-racking for me, even going live on periscope makes my stomach all funny. But I know it is a pretty important step I need to overcome in order to ask for the sale. 

Internally I'll feel like: 


But when I'm finish I'm going to feel like:


Go back to school: Lastly, I want to tackle the "Boost my knowledge game" goal. Girl needs to have some brain gains.

What are you tackling this month? Let me know below!