How I got 2k subscribers in less than 24hrs

2k subscribers in less than 24hrs


You know how it’s like, you have a million ideas rushing through your head 24/7 (yes, even sleeping) and you don’t write them down, or you just start “research” mode, which means pinteresting until you are so overwhelmed you say “maybe not”, and you don’t take action.

Maybe you see a few people asking where to find the product you were thinking of creating, so you decide to search for domain names, you start brainstorming on different ways to name your product but they are almost all taken. And you don’t take action.

Maybe you even buy the freaking domain, but… how do you build a site again? You get discouraged and you don’t take action.

You see where I’m going, right? Why so many people signed up for my list? Because I took action. 

Last Friday, something insane happened to me. I got 2k subscribers in less than 24 hours. I built in 2 days because I wanted to validate an idea I had to create photos that are feminine for women to use them as they like.

Here’s the rundown of how it happened for me in the span of 2 days

How @mariaaldrey got 2k subscribers in less than 24 hours and how can you do it too

Bought the domain on GoDaddy. For you, this step could be optional but it will certainly help a great deal if you can create a domain name for yourself that you can then use for branding and to help people easily find your content. Choose a name that describes what your mailing is about and that's short, memorable and unique.

Set the hosting and installed Wordpress. A hosting account is what you are going to need next. This is where you host your files and you will need this to store your landing page and your opt-in form. I use Hostgator(Yup, that's my first affiliate link... omg who am I??)

Installed a theme to the site. You could either buy one or get one for free. I recommend going to ThemeForest and buy one that you really like.  

Created the MailChimp list. There’s a lot of option for autoresponders so see which is the most cost effective for you both now and in the long run. With these you'll be able to manage new subscribers, people who want to unsubscribe, etc. 

Wrote the copy for the homepage. It took me 10 minutes

Created the opt-in form. With your autoresponder chosen, you'll now have the means to start creating your opt-in form. This is where people are going to actually enter their details and then hit that 'subscribe' button. Make sure you pick something with the right colours to stand out on your website and to attract clicks.

Shared the site on 4 Facebook groups that allowed promos where the community was awesome and the target was there.

And then, BAM! What the hell happened? I have 2k sign ups in less than 24 hours. This is maddening. I haven’t been able to think straight since, and maybe writing this down could help.

I didn’t ask for that many, I was going to be happy with 50 people, but having 500 was my ultimate goal, for the year!

“What was the secret sauce to all of this besides taking action?” you ask. You have a website, multiple opt-ins, but very little people sign up.

Reminding your WHY

It all starts with your mindset. I have an IFTTT recipe that reminds me everyday when I wake up WHY did I want 500 subscribers. They have been sending me this reminder everyday for the past 5 months. I guess I can turn it off now.

I had this reminder in two places:

IFTTT Reminders
500 Subscribers Goal


I have heard a lot of people saying: “well I won’t offer this until X happens”. It doesn’t really matter if you don’t have everything. I don’t have a logo yet, I haven’t taken the first picture for this project. I just saw a need and tried to find validation.

Do you have an idea? Try offering a no brainer deal for an x amount of time. Free stuff + scarcity are a matchmaker. 

But let's get one thing clear. Just setting up shop won't guarantee you'll make sign ups. To make people want what you have, you've GOT to offer extreme value.

Everyone LOVES extreme value. Word of mouth will spread so quickly you may not even have to advertise. I did nothing with Facebook Ads.

I couldn’t have done it right if my best friend hadn’t suggested putting social media sharing icons and a Call to Action on my landing page and my email after people subscribed. 

I shared this offer in 4 groups that had promo posts and told people about this new launch who were asking for feminine stock photos. It got a bit viral, +800 shared in on Facebook and a bunch more on Twitter.


Four simple ways most people decide you're offering extreme value.

  1. Your offering must help people raise their standard of living. They have to be able to plainly see that quality of life will be improved after they sign up to your list.
  2. Make the process as painless as possible. These days people want and NEED products, services, and opportunities that are EASY to work. Show a prospect that it's easy and you'll often have a sale.
  3. Help people relax and simplify. Most people are optimistic about their life and future, but they're frankly a bit tired and feel like the whole thing has gotten too complicated. What your offer should do is help them simplify, slow down, relax, and still maintain or improve their standard of living.
  4.  Show how signing up to your list helps save $$. Everyone is looking harder than ever for any opportunity to save a few dollars. If your product helps them save, you've got a winner.

Keep these four strategies in mind as you plan your next offer. They're the keys to offering extreme value.

Not only you need an amazingly crazy offer, but you need to be really specific, pick topic and title that is focused. Vague titles don’t sell well because they don’t tell your people what they’re in for. On top of this, most content that sells really well is timely or immediately relevant. This is content which speaks to people’s wants and needs NOW, rather than later. 

And forget about the offer! What you need to do first is find an active niche that you are interested in. One of the easiest ways to monitor their online activity is by doing a quick and easy Facebook search. What you need to do is look for groups on Facebook which are related to your chosen niche. You also want to find out what people are complaining about or what they are asking to find. You want to find out what topics sell well and are in high demand or maybe you can find an opportunity that no one is taking. This can help you create an extremely valuable offer.

I could go on and on about the ways to have a viral offering, but if you read this and don’t take action, then I did a poor job.

Your action for today: Take your subscriber goal and paste it everywhere, don’t forget to write down your why and then create a presentable landing page of something you think could be extremely valuable for your niche and find that validation, share it in a Facebook group that allows it and wait.

Let me know in the comments below what your goal is and please share the love <3