This is How I Will Supercharge my 2015

This is how I will supercharge my 2015

For me, 2014 should've been called You Better Work B*tch! It definitely was the year of new opportunities.
I learned to take risks while being in control by trusting my intuition, which sounds easier than it is. It was also a year of self-discovery, I didn't know I had an entrepreneurial spirit, that I have a hunger learn new things and that I have skills to be a great freelancer. Finally, I got more clarity on what my passion is.

I'm really grateful for having a revealing year, quitting my old job was the best decision, my spirit and soul returned back to me (I was working retail, mind you). I've met a lot of new people that have helped me tremendously and I'm more than excited to start 2015.

I see 2015 as the year of GROWTH by learning new things, creating content, producing and improving skills with an energized focus.

These are my goals for 2015


Launch my Newsletter. For this to happen I need to develop a content strategy and create an opt-in offer. My intention is not to sell but deliver great information, that is useful and exciting.

Get 10 new/recurrent clients. Hopefully by the end of 2015 this will happen, I just need to work my ass off.

Setup my home office, Pinterest style.Work on ideas for an e-course. I'm intrigued on having a passive income, developing an awesome course will help without a doubt. I've been working from my comfy sofa since September and I'm now suffering from leg burns because of the heat of the laptop *not really*. But I do need to invest in a working station. I already chose everything I'm going to buy so this will happen sooner than later, it will probably be the first goal I accomplish.

Fully integrate GTD. Having a productive life is key to growth, I believe the "getting things done" approach I will get there faster.

Go to networking events. Even though I'm a hell of an introverted I feel this is a great way to meet new prospects. At least once a month is good for me.

Boost my knowledge game. Girl needs to have some brain gains. I want to learn something new every week that I can apply to my biz and my clients by going to events or signing up for an online course.

Blog a minimum of 4 times a month. By the end of 2015, I should have written more than 52 blog posts.

Monetize my blog. Again with the passive income, pretty straightforward goal, I have to start generating ideas of how to accomplish this.



Get drivers license. I've been postponing this for a while, and it needs to happen ASAP!

Buy a used car. I think it's time for us for this investment, we don't really want to rely on others to help us or to spend a lot of money on taxi or car rental. 

Be more active. I'm on my ideal weight, I don't really need to lose or gain. I just need to be less lazy. By this I mean, pumping some iron at the gym, connecting with myself by doing yoga or the earth by hiking, and just doing what I love... swimming.

Be more mindful. I'm an advocate for a conscious mind and all the benefits it brings. Meditating 5 times a week is something I wish to accomplish.

Travel. We are dying for a week at a beach somewhere in this world, it could be Cancun.

Communicating often with family and friends.  Living far from everyone it's hard. I want to nourish my relationships by connecting more with them.

Watch a movie I haven't seen each week. 52 a year is totally doable. In 2010, my resolution was to watch 100 movies and I accomplished it. In 2014, I saw 55, yes I counted them on my movie Moleskine. 

Get our permanent residency. I put this last because its the base for everything else. If this doesn't happen we will need to think of a plan B. Luckily things are looking bright, we just need to wait a few more months.

I think I covered everything, but I will be adding more as the year comes, most probably.

This is the longest list of resolutions I've written.
Do you have similar goals to mine?
I wish you a energizing new year, let's work our butts off!