Marketing and Social Media Trends for 2015

Today, I'm sharing with you a few marketing and social media trends for next year, that I've curated from different researchers which I found appropriate for small biz owners and entrepreneurs.

do you want a TL;DR?
Be mobile, human, engaging, connected.
Have a voice. Be on instagram, forget google+


Mobile World

2015 is the year of the mobile, optimize your websites and make sure you provide mobile payment for your customers. "Let m-payments facilitate new ways to share and split costs, and add new value for consumers in the process." (Via

No more traditional demographics

Don't think of your target as a group of the same age, location or income. This year, if you're re-targeting your communications, focus on identities and personalities. "Consumption patterns are no longer defined by ‘traditional’ demographic" (Via


Business with a point

According to, 73% of Millennials believe that businesses should share a point of view about issues. Don't be neutral, not having a voice will be harmful to your brand, don't fall into oblivion, get involved in a discussion. 

Social Organizations

Now more than ever, you need to become a social brand to see success, this is not an optional thing anymore. I'm not saying you should be everywhere, but all your organization should be where your audience is. Train your people and "tap the potential, social media offers exponential competitive advantage." (Via Forbes)

Personalized engagement

Be human and make your message human as well, be engaging with your followers and create a personalized experience. Be connected to your audience and let the communication be a two-way street, 24/7 customer service is everything. More and more customers need an answer within one hour through social media, but be transparent and speak their language. (Via Ron Shulkin)

Instagram essentials

42% of marketers are planning to increase their use of Instagram this year, compared to 38% in 2013. Both on photo and video, this platform will become essential to every social media marketing strategy. If you're not already there or if you are, but it's not your preferred social network then hurry up, you are losing the opportunity to engage with this amazing community. (Via Forbes)

Death of Google+

Honestly, I'm not sure why people are still using Google+, it only works for SEO.  This platform's future doesn't seem too bright, It's a very niche place to be. If you are a photographer or in marketing, it could be a good place to know your influencers, but your target is not there, let alone active. My advice, have a profile for SEO sake or for content curation but don't put any effort into it. (Via Forbes)


Do you think you will be part of some or all of these trends?
Do you agree with them?