Accomplishing Great Success With Smart Delegation

Accomplishing great success with Smart Delegation.

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I know I've been crazy productive lately working with my lovely clients, but I really haven't had the time to work on myself, how ironic is that. That's one of the issues a lot of entrepreneurs suffer, they do all this things to maintain the business afloat, not focusing on what could potentially be the most profitable actions.

That's the reason why smart people delegate tasks. By the way, if you didn't know already, delegation is assigning duties to someone else while still maintaining responsibility for the overall project. When you delegate, you need to understand the details of a task and the time frame for completion. It is also important to know the skill set of people you are delegating to and it is critical to understand how to successfully communicate what you need as well.

What Should You Delegate

The greatest challenge for most people is delegating the right things and not wasting time and resources.

The main thing to think about is that by outsourcing, you'll be able to stop spending so much time on projects that are time-consuming and take your energy, and instead focusing on those things you enjoy to do. You'll probably even find that once you hand over those tasks you don't like or don't have the time to do, your Virtual Assistant or employee will probably not spend as much time as you did on them.

Determining what to delegate depends on factors such as workload, trust in your people, levels of expertise; and more. For example, if you want to advertise a new campaign through social media; then you should delegate this task to an assistant, ad agency or someone who specializes in digital marketing.

One of the easiest ways to know what things you can delegate is by making a list of the top three things you know need to get done in your business but that you don't like doing. You know that list of tasks that you never seem to find time to do? Those are the perfect projects to get you started.

3 Characteristics Of People Who Delegate Successfully

Entrepreneurs who delegate efficiently have certain traits such as:

  1. Knowing exactly what they want and communicating it effectively.
  2. Being able to accomplish more compared to those who cling to tasks that others should be doing.
  3. Being responsible for organizing, coordinating, correcting and validating assignments in real time. 

Entrepreneurs need time and leverage to focus on issues such as setting goals, establishing priorities and making sure assignments are completed on time. By delegating tasks, you can give yourself more time to address your bottom line, and you give yourself the opportunity to think more creatively about growing and expanding your business.

Who To Delegate To

When you find someone who demonstrates competence and professionalism, your business gains greater leverage for success.

Entrepreneurs have found tremendous value in virtual assistants. These are professionals who possess vast knowledge and have experience with multi-tasking at a very high level. VA's (like me) give entrepreneurs confidence in assigning tasks they do not have time to work on themselves.

Any organization that has a significant measure of success must rely on others to complete tasks. Whether the support stems from an outside or from within; it is always advisable to surround yourself with smart professionals.

Let me know in the comments below if you have found success in outsourcing and if not, what has been the issue?