7 days of blogging #YourTurnChallenge (DAY 1)


I admire Seth Godin; he is the ULTIMATE marketer. Everything he posts is inspiring. 

I came across this challenge on his blog where he explains: "Participants commit to posting 1 blog post every day for 7 days. The goal is to practice shipping with a like-minded community and to push yourself to simply start."

Why am I joining? I feel the need to push myself a little harder, to connect with other bloggers, to humanize my brand a bit more and to understand how to portray my personality on writing.

This is my turn to let my fingers flow because I don't wanna wait for inspiration to strike.

Actually, it doesn't matter if your blog post is two lines long, just ship whatever wisdom you have today.

Maybe this is just a bunch of rambling, so I guess I'm stopping here.