What's the most important thing right now? #Yourturnchallenge (Day 2)


The first thing that came to my head when I wanted to answer this question was "my job, to get things done efficiently, to be productive. Yeah, that seems important enough." But then if I didn't need my job (let's say I won the lottery), would that still be important? Probably not, I'd rather spend time travelling or shopping.

But then I thought if I'm travelling alone or shopping for myself, how important would money be if I can't share it with my family?

Then I think of my family, I miss them so much!! I live in Vancouver with my husband, and luckily my brother is in the city as well, but the rest are in Venezuela or somewhere in Europe. They are my top priority. Of course, we can chat, text, skype but they will stay there and I will stay here. I think patience it's important, someday we'll be together again.

But the answer will depend on when you ask this question, so if I answer this correctly, I'd say the most important thing right now would be finishing this post.