10 personal SWOT questions you can answer for self-improvement #YourTurnChallenge Day 3

Even though this is a freaking loaded question, I guess the top priority to improve is myself.

I need to improve my vocabulary, my knowledge, my productivity, my relationships. But it's easy to fall into that judgment place or self-hate for being such a crappy person. Instead, I want to see them as areas of improvement as if I'm doing a personal SWOT analysis on myself.

  1. What are the things that make me better or worse that I can change?
  2. What are those things that I cannot change but could take as an advantage?
  3. What can I do to minimize the external threats?
  4. What resources can I create, buy or download to improve whatever I need to develop?
  5. What negative habits can I eliminate or replace with new ones and how?
  6. Who are the people from my network that could help me improve?
  7. What is a competitive advantage that I could elevate to a new level?
  8. Who is complaining and how can I fix that?
  9. What classes can I take to improve whatever I need to improve?
  10. Who is outperforming me and how can I learn from them?

By the way, SWOT is a matrix for analysis in the marketing world. Focus on your Strengths, minimize Weaknesses, take advantage of Opportunities and anticipate the Threats.

This is part of a 7-day blogging challenge #YourTurnChallenge. Created by Winnie Kao and Seth Godin.